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Isabel Epstein

The Pro:
Nikon100 Photographer
Mona Liza Studios Resident Artist
Head of Photography @ Columbia University Facilities & Operations
Professional Photographers of America Member
Soho House Member
Former Columbia University Blanche Wittes Osherov Merit Scholar
Former Producer, Audio Engineer, & Music Teacher

The Everyday:
Upper West Side Manhattan Dweller
Human & Animal Rights Activist
Avid Consumer of Burritos

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nyc / everywhere

I am a photographer who specializes in commercial and editorial portraiture, though I also work shooting lifestyle portraiture & events.

In my work, I aim to breach the divide between art and product by creating commissioned masterpieces featuring people in extraordinary contexts.  Art is, at its core, an unquestionably human phenomenon.  My job is to merge it with and return it to its humanity. 

My camera is another appendage on my body.  It is as essential to me as air and water, and without it I would not be whole.  Photography, to me, is only 50% technique.  The rest?  Learning how to see differently.  There is beauty absolutely everywhere.

I am committed to superiority in all aspects of my work, and I pride myself in my ability to bring out the best in each client.  Each session and image is meticulously planned and executed so that you are left with a truly unparalleled end result.

I am based in New York City and travel often for work.  If you are interested in booking a session, feel free to send a message from wherever you are in the world--I look forward to hearing from you.


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Past Clients & Publications:

Stern Magazines
Chanel Joan Elkayam
The Jerusalem Post
The Fashion Conversation
i24 News
American Express
The Daily Meal
Patek Phillippe
Milan Fashion Week
The Aggie
The Floss Bar

Instagram: @isabelepstein